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Region 8 in 2019:


Khaberet PGA+/ was a Triple Champion! Arabian Western Pleasure, Western Side Saddle, and Performance Halter with Liz Bentley for owners Nancy and Bob Risen

CF Bravo was Champion Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR Elite and JOTR 14-18, and was Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Halter Performance Geldings with Grace Forbes.


MDA A Dark Skyy+ was Champion in Half-Arabian Halter Performance Geldings, and Reserve Champion in Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR and Top Five in AATR Choice/Elite with owner Rhonda Clark, as well as Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure with Liz

San Mateo MLH was Champion Arabian Halter Performance Geldings, and Top Five in Arabian Western Pleasure AAOTR and Select AATR with owner Lynn Allen.


Gisele PA+ was Champion in Halter Performance Mares and Top 5 in Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR Select with owner Dana Crawley

He Aint Foolin WB was Champion  Half-Arabian Western Pleasure Junior Horse with Liz and Top Five in AAOTR and AATR Elite with owner Trent Trahan.

Razzberry Smoothie was Champion Half-Arabian Western Side Saddle and Top Five AATR Select with owner Laura Wilcox, and was Reserve Champion in JTR Elite with Grace Forbes.

Princess Khaberet was a Reserve Champion in Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR 13  & Under with owner Mariah Trahan.

Solomon WB was Reserve Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse with Liz for IIB Farms.


Soldier CA was Top Five Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse with Liz for owners Vicki Macferren and Bill Lynott

Bouncer V was Top Five in Arabian English Show Hack ATR with owner Vicki Macferren and in Arabian English Show Hack with Liz.

Desert Diamond CF was Top 5 in Half-Arabian Western Pleasure AATR Select with owner Katherine Gardner.

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